Hey, wanna SWAP??

I recently came across this job posting on Craigslist in the section for 'art/media/design' jobs (no, I'm not really looking, but it's kinda fun to poke around on there). The headline grabbed my attention:

Swap: Our Killer Office Space for Your Design Skills

Hmm... interesting. A few things went through my head:

1. What a freakin' rip off. Why would I offer my hard-earned skills for a freakin' crappy office chair (actually, the chair isn't even mentioned)?
2. How KILLER is this office space? I mean ... I might consider going freelance if you've got views for miles, concrete floors, crisp interiors with splashes of color, a gym a la Equinox and beautiful landscaping. Oh, can't forget the roof deck for lunches and happy hour.
3. Wait, no. How the eff do they expect you to live in the most expensive city in the U.S. if you're donating your time + skills for a freakin' cube. The cube better damn well come with a shower, a bed, kitchen, laundry room ...

ANYWAY, the posting went on to explain how they came to the idea for a swap!
"We were just about to post for a part time designer when it dawned on us – we have this amazing new office space that we just moved into. With an extra private office. Why not trade it for some design time? So here we are. We’re looking for somebody to give us a few hours a week [blah blah blah]. We will likely need additional time above and beyond what is agreed upon, which we will of course pay for."

OOok. So, basically, you're going to give me a place to SIT in exchange for my time and skills. Hmmm... but ... couldn't I just work from home or a coffee shop and get PAID for my time?

But they're being generous because after all, they ARE offering to pay after they go above and beyond that "agreed upon" design time. I can just see how this would pan out. "Well, it's just ONE more hour... we are letting you use the kitchen sink afterall."

OH that reminds me. They included a description of the "killer" office space:

About the office: It’s the entire 13th floor of the historical Hobart Building on Market & Montgomery. Smack dab on top of a BART station. We have a private kitchen, bathroom, video game room (with Wii and PS3) and lots of comfy space. Plus we’re pretty chill to hang out with if you get bored being in your beautiful private office with sweeping views of downtown.

Did you get that?? RIGHT ON TOP OF BART. Holy shiiiiit. AND a PRIVATE kitchen and bathroom. And OMFG!!! VIDEO GAMEZZZZZ.

It goes on to explain that they're looking for a rockstar with expert knowledge of Adobe CS, HTML, CSS, SEO/SEM, JQuery, PHP, design principles, blah, blah blah.


I REPLIED!!! I was SO excited by the possibility of this killer office space that I just had to reply ASAP.

To: jason@creativemerch.com
From: askdzign@gmail.com
Hey! I have a swap idea ...

Yes, I did. And he replied: "We didn't say anything about a couch..."


avocado-girl said...

You are funny Ashley!!

Swapping space seems to be really popular in the design world right now. Have you ever seen this site.


Jenny Goeden

Peacock Tres Chic said...

I have a video game sign that looks just like that, only it reads 'Reality is for people who don't play video games' and he has an old atari joystick

Peacock Tres Chic