A Love Affair

The Valentine's Day garden brunch was a lovely success. The weather was absolutely perfect; high of 60-something, not a cloud in the sky. The hummingbird made a showing and the guests brought delectable goodies. I slaved away all day Saturday, running to the flower mart, preparing the décor and making scones, cupcakes and slicing things. And I loved it! Sure, my feet were sore and I was ready to collapse by the end of the night, but I knew it would all pay off when the sun came up on Sunday.

Here are some pics from the preparations (click on any for larger version):

Champagne flutes tied with tissue paper pom poms. Ceramic dishes ($1.99 each from Ross) filled with white cane sugar with flowers and cinnamon candy hearts placed down the center.

Flower centerpieces: (L) Glass cylinder with a red-checkered kitchen towel placed along the inner circumference, tupperware container inserted in the center and filled with water, flowers to finish. (R) China tea kettle filled with flowers.

All set! Cupcakes - Sprinkles Red Velvet mix available from William Sonoma.

In the morning, it was time to set the table and hang the larger pom poms from the surrounding princess flower trees:

For the table setting, I used alternating red and green napkins/kitchen towels with my grandmother's gold-rimmed wedding china set on top. The finishing touch: cut out tissue paper hearts topped with a candy heart (in Spanish!).

amor, dulce, mi novio, todo mio, guapo !

And then of course, there was the food. I prepared deviled eggs, a fruit salad, scones, roasted potatoes and roasted asparagus wrapped with neufchâtel and proscuitto (thanks to Alex for getting those prepped!).

Alex brought a gorgeous quiche, decorated with a red pepper heart! Christine delighted us with gluten-free bread stuffed with mascarpone and freshly made strawberry jam (made by Alex) and Jackson made soft-boiled eggs with english muffins. Needless to say, no one went hungry.

A tasty strawberry champagne from Danielle for our cupcake dessert topped it all off!

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