Back to the grind

First day at the new full time freelance gig in downtown SF.

The view from one side (windows all around the office provide a 360 view of San Francisco). I've started a blog called Everyday East Bay featuring photos of this view. It's an off shoot of my friend (and designer) Chesley's Everyday East River featuring shots of NYC's East River as seen from her studio in Brooklyn.

I've been trying to get back to eating really well. It's been a cinch to stay on track while at home with not much else going on and time on my hands to go to the grocery store whenever needed. I've been like one of those Orange County Housewives—15mile bike ride in the middle of the day on a Wednesday? Sure!

I was really good this morning about making breakfast and packing a lunch before leaving the house. Of course, then I left the lunch behind on my bed, but that's beside the point. THEN I got the grand tour of the office and discovered precisely where the temptation lies:

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