Tweet, Tweet

Micro-blogging a la Twitter has completely taken over my life. OK, that might be a tad drastic, but I'm at least a little bit addicted. So, in honor of Twitter, I bring you Twitter-themed Etsy finds.


Happy Earth Day

Dear Earth,
I love you. Thanks for being you.


My birthday is coming

Acceptable birthday gifts include (but are not limited to):

1. An iPhone. I am probably the only design dork who still does not have one. Sad. Though you might want to just give me a gift certificate because I've heard through the Twitterverse that a new one will be out in June.

2. This puppy.

3. OR this one.

4. Visits from friends.

5. A sound machine - haven't been sleeping well with all of the street / house noise

6. A TRIP! Anywhere!

7. A road bike. Mine is cute and works well as a commuter bike, but I would love to go on longer weekend rides and it's just not going to cut it. I'm really intrigued by these bamboo bikes by Calfee Design, as bamboo is a really sustainable material. But they're certainly not cheap.


Design Find : Urban Spectacles

I discovered this fine spectacle-maker awhile ago but am just getting around to sharing his work with you, just in time for my upcoming birthday (hint, hint)!

Urban Spectacles are designed and hand made from a menagerie of materials, but primarily from assorted varieties of hardwoods, by Scott Urban, an artisan based in Chicago. Urban seeks to re-elevate the art of eyewear. As stated in a recent newsletter, "the optical industry is filled to the brim with garbage, row after endless row of trash" and Urban is setting out to change that.

He currently works one-on-one with clients to create a completely custom and original pair of specs—a process that entails taking detailed measurements of the head and face, sketching out designs, choosing the type of wood, and finally hand-carving the frame out of the block of wood.

Though that might soon change. After attending a recent convention in NYC, Urban was inspired to endeavor to create his own small scale line of boutique eyewear "based upon quality, good design, beautiful material and all around 'badassitry'". While he expects to return to creating custom frames at some point in the future, his immediate focus for the next few years will be on designing, creating and establishing this new brand.

So essentially, if you want to get your hands on a pair of his custom specs within the next 6-8 months, get in line now! You can contact Scott at scott@urbanspectacles.com