Twitter Gallery : Matte Stephens

This week's featured artist in my Twitter Gallery is Matte Stephens of Portland, OR (@matteart on Twitter).

I adore his work - from the cute, happy subject matter and bold abstracts to his consistent color palette. Be sure to check out the interview Grain Edit did with Matte that offers more samples of his work, peeks into his home, his process and where he finds his inspiration. To purchase *affordable* prints and originals of his work, visit his Etsy shop.

Images copyright Matte Stephens.


Apartment Therapy : Flickr Find : DIY Parasol Light

Wow I'm so famous today! ;) Another post on Apartment Therapy featuring the antique parasol I rigged up as a lamp shade in the hallway.

My favorite comment so far is the hater who said "oh my god, 70s.... ick". Really? I don't really see that when combined with the Victorian details, antique table in the entrance and modern coat rack, but to each his own! It's not as if the place is full of lava lamps and black lights!

Apartment Therapy : 4 DIY fabric ideas

Check it out! My use of fabric in my home is featured on Apartment Therapy LA. While the pics aren't suberb (I just sent whatever I had on hand—literally last night before the post went up today) and the kitchen featured is my old, dumpy kitchen in Boston, it's still fun! Thanks to BethZ at AT.


Food : Sunday Night Dinner

I had a couple of friends in town visiting yesterday so we walked about the city and took delight in some of the finer things in life : relaxing and eating!

I have many more pictures to share, but for now, this is a tease from the feast we cooked up last night. My roommate had made a trip to the Ferry Building where he picked up some specialty mushrooms from Far West Fungi so while he was preparing them for a crostini appetizer, we grilled up some shrimp that had been marinated in a ginger-soy-lime sauce. Also on the menu was halibut, ravioli, a t-bone steak rubbed with olive oil and thyme, green beans, carmelized onions and a nice, fresh, California-grown salad. MMM mm good.

I also picked up this Hey Mambo Sultry Red at Faletti's market (which is bankrupting me, by the way). Of course the label and super cool wind-off cork had something to do with my choice. What can I say, I'm a visual learner. If you ever pick one up, be sure to read the story on the back of the bottle.


Twitter : Gallery

I'm now using my Twitter background as a gallery space! Each week, I'll feature the work of a different artist - design, painting, illustration, photography, etc. - (with their permission). After the week is over, their name will be archived in a list that I'll update on the left hand side of the page.

It's just for fun and experimentation - see if anything comes of it. Free promotion of work that I enjoy and want to share!

This week's feature artist is Meg Hunt and her fabulous new pattern of cycles and birds. I also really dig her llamas. Follow her on Twitter @meghunt.


Street Art : ???

I've been noticing some random signs around the city, labeling and commenting on construction materials. At first, I thought they were a form of street art and were connected. But after discovering this blog, Enough with the plywood and this article on the matter, it's clear that the first sign is an isolated work by some North Beach activists who are unhappy with the site of the boarded up building.

The second one is interesting ... and actually very political, referencing both a controversial chemical used in warfare — most recently used by Israel (though they were US-made shells) —and the "Angel of Death", Josef Mengele. The Nazi physician has recently been in the news in regard to the speculation that he is responsible for the unnatural concentration of twins that has occurred in the community of CÂNDIDO GODÓI, Brazil.

It took a bit of internet digging, but I found some more info about this second sign on Tales of the Freeway Blogger (an activist who places signs about the war on freeways around the country). Visit the site for more pictures and to read more.

Photography : Psychic_Heart

It's been my intention to blog about the gorgeous photography of Psychic Heart (Nina Westervelt) for quite some time now. When I first started getting into Holga photography, I came across this picture of hers (above) on Flickr and immediately fell in love with her square beauties. That led me to the rest of her photostream where I discovered that she does a lot of fashion, behind-the-scenes and celebrity style photography - that you're not likely to find in US Weekly. Her medium format shots offer a unique peek behind the curtains of NY Fashion Week that leave me begging for an encore.

But that's not it. Her "everyday life" shots are just as captivating.

For more, visit Nina on Flickr.


Workin' hard or hardly workin'?

Work in progress: A couple of rough logo treatment ideas for our Home Tours in Brooklyn this May (in conjunction with BKLYN Designs). We have Home Tours throughout the year in various cities so we'd like to come up with some branding that will be applicable (and flexible) for the entire program.

This was fun (I love creating patterns), but doesn't really work for Home Tours. Maybe Tommy Hilfiger would like to buy it!


Under My Umbrella

This past weekend, after spending a nice afternoon basking in the sun at Dolores Park, I added a few things around the apartment. First, I dug out one of my vintage Japanese umbrellas that was previously owned by my Grandmother. It has been sitting in a box since I acquired it, waiting for the perfect spot to shine. And now it illuminates our entrance hall.

I simply rigged it up there with some plastic zip ties! Quick fix that made the lighting feel much less harsh and more welcoming.

My third roommate finished moving in and with her, came this bookcase that we placed in the kitchen for cookbooks. My donkey's tail cactus (yes, that's really the name) looks great on it, along with the large green vase I found for $5.99.


Off The Chain

6 ways to accessorize with lovely linkage.

Chain earrings from LittlePurls.

Chain of command necklace from NeaWear

Linked headwear from Litter.

Vintage Wells Fargo Casket Tag from TheHandofFatima.

Knit gold rope chains by Yokoo.

Leather links from Handle & Spout.


Sita Sings the Blues : stream + download FREE

Awhile ago, I posted about the animated feature film, Sita Sings the Blues by Nina Paley. This post is to let you know that it's still amazing and still not to be missed and is now available for streaming and downloading (hi res - with a small $$$ donation) on REEL 13. Go watch it and support independent film!


Pinball Publishing : Designer Card Series

Oooh! Another surprise came in the mail the other day! (I love getting mail ... if you want to send me something, I'd be happy to provide my address!) Portland-based Pinball Publishing sent me a set of their designer card series which are beauties! They feature various papers, inks and printing techniques as well as the lovely art from a selection of talented peeps. They're fun.

The card on the left here features the work of Brooke Thompson. And on the right, Lisa DeJohn.

Here we have Kate "Consumption" Bingaman-Burt whose work you can find at Obsessive Consumption and What Did You Buy Today? And in pink, birds by Ian Lynam.

Detail from Brent Wick's bunny card.

More great art for my office walls. Design by illustrator Carson Ellis.

Other cards not pictured here include art by Melani Brown, Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co., and PatternPeople.

Street Art of Matthew Rodriguez

Fabulous specimens of street art by Austin-based artist Matthew Rodriguez (here on flickr). These popped up about a week or so ago. I've been wanting to take pics but it's been rainy. Today it was nice out so I walked to work and captured these along the way.

They appear along a stretch of blue wall constructed along one of the most destitute parts of downtown's Market Street. It's suffering from a string of closed businesses, homeless people and drug addicts littering the streets and just a general feeling of neglect. The forlorn candy corn are saying what everyone (with half a brain left) is probably thinking as they walk through this area. "Geez this is really sad and depressing." But the rainbow says "clap yo hands" and offers us some optimism!

And a surprise! While I had noticed the other pieces from the bus, I wouldn't have seen this character if I hadn't been walking. A nice transformation for the otherwise sad-looking stump.

While Mr. Rodriguez still executes his street art, he also puts a lot of focus into his painting and collage work. You can see examples of that work online at Rare Gallery or on his personal Flickr site.

The NEW Dwell.com

I'm pleased to have been a part of the fresh + clean redesign of Dwell.com which launched early this morning. Our own amazing team at Dwell had a lot of help from the great folks at Hot Studio.

BLOG landing page - viewing option 1
Pages that I designed—based on Hot Studio's work on the rest of the site—include the BLOG landing page, which features the ability to switch between viewing the posts in an image-driven format with a preview of the text in hot yellow or viewing in a list format. These options for viewing content are a theme that is carried throughout the site—on the HOMES landing page, the user can choose between viewing a grid of 8 photos or viewing 1 large photo and navigating with arrows to view the others. It's a great way to showcase our beautiful photography—something readers of Dwell have always appreciated.

BLOG landing page - viewing option 2
I also designed the content for the PLACES landing and detail pages.

PLACES landing page

PLACES detail page
And lastly (for now) the PEOPLE landing page. While the site launched with this version of my design, I actually designed it to be flexible and we plan to switch it up from time to time.

PEOPLE landing page - version 1
PEOPLE landing page - version 2
Other great features include the multimedia section which switches from a white background to a black/dark grey color scheme—to better showcase the photos/slideshows and videos that can be found there.

There are more pages that have not launched yet—this is just the "beta" version. There is much more work to be done and lots more to see, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please explore and leave your comments!


Old and new

My vintage type drawer: in its old home in the bathroom of my Boston apartment, and in its new corner of my San Francisco living room.