speaking of Love...

A modern day love story.

A Thousand Words from Ted Chung on Vimeo.

Trend : LOVE in the bedroom

Maybe it's because we're all seeking more of it these days with so many depressing things happening in our world, or perhaps it's just because "all you need is love", or maybe it's simply another manifestation of the current obsession in decor with typography. Any way you put it, LOVE is IN in 2009.

CandiMandi's headboard featured in this post on Apartment Therapy.

Love pillowcases by Lush Design

Photo and pillowcases made by Danske


New Blog : Craigslist Pix

I started a new blog. I know, perhaps I should work on making this one more popular / successful before starting a new endeavor, but this new one has a specific focus. It will feature collections of pix of furniture found on Craigslist! They will be collected according to certain themes - pretty pix, ugly pix, funny pix, pix of _____ or _____, etc.

Check it out here.



Did you know that the famous Sprinkles cupcakes joint has a mix available at Williams-Sonoma?! Actually, to be precise, they offer a variety of flavors: red velvet, chocolate, vanilla and lemon.

I had planned to make red velvet cupcakes for my friend's visit this past weekend (perhaps inspired by this DesignSponge post), so when my coworker turned me on to these mixes, I was SOLD. Booked it to WS that night and picked up a couple of flavors.

The word "mix" is deceiving these days. I sort of imagined I'd just be adding water, and wha-laa! But no. That was not the case. It is still quite an activity and took me several hours. However, the result was WELL worth it! They were amazing and tasted just like the real thing, if I may say so myself. And more importantly, we had a lovely evening.



One of my favorite pics from today ... I think from MSNBC but I could have it wrong :/ oops. Hah.

And other favorites from the New York Times slide shows.

Buh-bye Mr. Bush.

And I'm off to celebrate at the FunkyTown Inauguration Skater's Ball ... yup, that's right. Roller skating / boogie to old skool funk (while the inauguration plays on screen, of course)! Because you know the new First Family likes to skate together!


Craigslist Dig

Here's a find for you ... though I bought the exact same cart (along with 2 other pieces) for $200 and they are asking $395 for the one piece :)

Mine is pictured here. At least now I have some more info about it.


Change is good

I have added a couple of things to the sidebar of my blog (to the right of this text).

The first is a subscription widget. Subscribe to me! I just started using Google Reader which is amazing and I highly recommend it if you read more than 2 blogs (or would like to have the time to do so). It allows you to see updates / new post titles and have the option to read the feed complete with images from all of them almost simultaneously. You can also star things you like and create your own tags to categorize things for easy reference. Sharing things is easier too. Here's a post on ThisYoungHouse with more info and the "getting started" video.

Next, I've posted a Twitter widget featuring my latest Twitter updates. Follow me on Twitter! I haven't been using it much but as we all know after the recent plane crash photos that were first posted by a Twitter user, it's where it's at!

Lastly, I posted a playlist. This feature is possible via ILike.com which is another great social media site but for sharing music recommendations, playlists, concert alerts, etc.


coat rack : installed

I thought I would be installing this thing the day after bringing it home, but it turned out to be a little tricky. OK, A LOT tricky. But totally worth it!

The "project in a bag" comes with 16 "Y-shaped" hooks, pegs and tons of connectors in 4 different configurations so you can design your own rack.

It's kind of like Tinkertoy (which, by the way costs over $30 these days!!), but for adults.

And the "instructions" were just as fun to decipher.

Image found on LeoJames blog.

STEP 1: I started by laying out my desired shape on the floor. This actually took me a couple of days. I had an image in my mind of how I wanted it to look, but the first time I sat down to tackle it, I got really frustrated when I realized it was going to be harder to bring my ideas to life than I had previously expected ... what with all of the different connectors and such. Too many possibilities!

STEP 2: Next, I separated the design into groupings of 4-6 that were a little easier to carry to the "construction site" and to hold up to the wall to make markings for holes. I had to do this on my own which definitely made it more challenging. If you have someone around to help, I highly suggest you involve them in this step. Hold up the entire configuration to see where on the wall your design should start/end. Alternatively, I suppose you could measure the design while on the floor and mark on the wall ... I guess I'm just bad at planning when it comes to those things and am too anxious to see it in place :)

STEP 3: Screwing all of the pieces in place is the final step. Anchors are provided for anchoring this into the wall. I started by anchoring / screwing in a configuration of 3 on the left and then built on from there with more measuring.

The end result (I'll try to take better pics when there's daylight):
From the entrance:
It ended up being a bit uncentered, horizontally, and I didn't install it correctly according to what I had laid out on the floor ... it got screwed around somewhere along the lines... but I do like how it looks from the entrance ... as if it's winding around that corner.


stuffed shrooms

I've been really busy this week and so the blog has taken a back seat, but here's some food for you to look at! Actually, the point of this is to show you that I still need silverware! I wish I had a gaggle of readers because I would ask them to send me in 1 piece of silverware per person and then I'd have a fun collection from around the country! I have steak knives and china though!

Pear, walnut + mozzarella stuffed portobella mushrooms,
picked up at the SF Civic Center farmer's market


HOW TO: get a shiny floor, lose 5 pounds and become your landlord's favorite tenant!

I don't think I paid much attention to the kitchen floor when I initially looked at my new apartment. Just thought, oh black and white floors, that's kind of cute. After visiting a couple more times to show the apartment, I noticed that it looked dirty but thought it would be cleaned up before move in. Well, I was wrong and upon moving in, quickly decided it was something I would have to tackle ASAP. I just hated looking at it every time I entered the kitchen and it made the whole room feel dirty. Not my ideal cooking environment. (click pics for more detail)

The once (I imagine) shiny black and white floors had come to be a dull and dirty drag after years and years of wear without the proper care (or so I'm assuming). A simple mopping every now and then is great, but once the wax has been worn down, it's not going to help much.

Before stocking up on cleaning supplies, I first did a quick test with the scrubbing side of a sponge to see if getting through this build up would even be possible:

CHECK. The "tan" square was starting to look white again.

So I headed to the local hardware store, picked myself up some basic supplies: Lundmark Floor Wax, some latex gloves, Scotch-brite scrubbing pad, a sponge and some Magic Erasers I thought might help.

From there I was ready to put that good ol' elbow grease to work! I started off using the Magic Erasers and the result was looking good (dirty suds are always a good sign!) but I realized that they were not going to cut it. I needed something that wasn't going to wear out so quickly, had a little more "teeth" to it and was overall more efficient (the erasers were leaving streaks of dirt if I didn't apply even pressure).

So I abandoned that approach and used the Scotch-brite pad from there on out. Good move. The marks and grime on the floor definitely required more of a "buffing".
Half and half progress shot:

Post buffing:After scrubbing—and mopping over and over as I went along—the entire floor on my hands and knees, it was finally time to apply the wax. This is the best part because you finally get to see that the floor CAN be shiny and that all of the work was worth it! I actually applied about 3 coats of wax and think that I still might go over it a 4th time.

Drum roll please:

The overall effect is very satisfying. The whole room looks much more inviting and of course, CLEAN :)


She + Him, album of the year and Zooey's blue studio

I got the most recent issue of Paste Magazine today (thanks Stacy!) and what group was featured on the cover as "Album of the Year"? None other than She + Him (you may recall my previous post about them). "Produced with touches of girl-group splendor and arranged with a dreamy, old-fashioned vibe, She + Him's debut couldn't be more adorable".

And LOOK! here's Zooey Deschanel's studio! (Domino Magazine) She's so cute, but I feel like her studio looks a little too "old" and traditional. But then again, Paste did call say her music had an "old fashioned vibe" so I guess it fits.

Girl Effect video

Great type + motion video.


it's all yellow

Love it or hate it, the color for 2009 is Mimosa Yellow. Yes, this is "old news" in the blogosphere but it keeps popping out at me. While browsing Ikea for a storage cabinet to place in the bathroom, I found myself wishing I needed a yellow sideboard instead because the TROLLSTA is prrretttty, although definitely "trendy" looking. But I could easily fit the Ikea KRAMFORS sofa in Myrby Yellow into my decor.

I also like this use of yellow paint on the walls of Sarah's home (featured here on Apartment Therapy). It looks like more of a mustard yellow, but I like how it adds some color without taking over the room.

I was reading in bed last night and found myself thinking about how I might add a burst of sunshine to my room. I really like the gray color on the walls and how it complements the brown furniture and pops of brighter colors, but perhaps yellow above the picture rail would be fun? I cheated it in Photoshop for these pics, and I think I'm liking it ...

Of course being the Craigslist hound that I am, I had to see what yellow things I could dig up there. Here's a taste of the yellow out there:

I'm digging this palette right now, so maybe I'll go for it, eventually. There are other things we need first though, like a microwave.


MORE craigslist love

I have to say, I have superb luck with craigslist ... now if only CL could bring me a boyfriend, then we'd be in business :)

Anyway, today I scored this mid century dresser for $100! I wandered through A LOT of vintage / used / consignment / thrift stores the other day and the cheapest dresser in the style I was looking for was $150. I was getting a little discouraged because there hadn't been anything good on craigslist either, mostly just a lot of the same stuff from Ikea. But last night I found this beauty and I managed to snatch it up this afternoon before anyone else could get their little hands on it. Yay! No more living out of a suitcase!