Street Art of Matthew Rodriguez

Fabulous specimens of street art by Austin-based artist Matthew Rodriguez (here on flickr). These popped up about a week or so ago. I've been wanting to take pics but it's been rainy. Today it was nice out so I walked to work and captured these along the way.

They appear along a stretch of blue wall constructed along one of the most destitute parts of downtown's Market Street. It's suffering from a string of closed businesses, homeless people and drug addicts littering the streets and just a general feeling of neglect. The forlorn candy corn are saying what everyone (with half a brain left) is probably thinking as they walk through this area. "Geez this is really sad and depressing." But the rainbow says "clap yo hands" and offers us some optimism!

And a surprise! While I had noticed the other pieces from the bus, I wouldn't have seen this character if I hadn't been walking. A nice transformation for the otherwise sad-looking stump.

While Mr. Rodriguez still executes his street art, he also puts a lot of focus into his painting and collage work. You can see examples of that work online at Rare Gallery or on his personal Flickr site.

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