Pinball Publishing : Designer Card Series

Oooh! Another surprise came in the mail the other day! (I love getting mail ... if you want to send me something, I'd be happy to provide my address!) Portland-based Pinball Publishing sent me a set of their designer card series which are beauties! They feature various papers, inks and printing techniques as well as the lovely art from a selection of talented peeps. They're fun.

The card on the left here features the work of Brooke Thompson. And on the right, Lisa DeJohn.

Here we have Kate "Consumption" Bingaman-Burt whose work you can find at Obsessive Consumption and What Did You Buy Today? And in pink, birds by Ian Lynam.

Detail from Brent Wick's bunny card.

More great art for my office walls. Design by illustrator Carson Ellis.

Other cards not pictured here include art by Melani Brown, Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co., and PatternPeople.

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