Rapper's Recession: the gold teeth have got to go

Unfortunately, I missed the Grammys tonight. So I was just catching up. Can someone please tell me what is up with T-Pain's grill? This has to be the funniest thing I've read in awhile, via Starpulse (and no, I don't read that on a regular basis):

"Yo, my hip-hop brothers, some words of wisdom: these are hard times. Don’t know if you heard, but we’re in a recession. People are losing their homes. Folks’ retirement funds are tanking. People are pawning their jewelry for gas money. It’s time to reel in the bling. The days of ’90s excess are over and out. All the gold ropes and gold teeth have got to go. You need to trade them in for cash and then hold on to it. Stuff it in those high-tops until the banks are safe again. No more shopping sprees. No more Hummers. No more Cristal. Back to basics, folks."

Get your paisley on.

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