it's all yellow

Love it or hate it, the color for 2009 is Mimosa Yellow. Yes, this is "old news" in the blogosphere but it keeps popping out at me. While browsing Ikea for a storage cabinet to place in the bathroom, I found myself wishing I needed a yellow sideboard instead because the TROLLSTA is prrretttty, although definitely "trendy" looking. But I could easily fit the Ikea KRAMFORS sofa in Myrby Yellow into my decor.

I also like this use of yellow paint on the walls of Sarah's home (featured here on Apartment Therapy). It looks like more of a mustard yellow, but I like how it adds some color without taking over the room.

I was reading in bed last night and found myself thinking about how I might add a burst of sunshine to my room. I really like the gray color on the walls and how it complements the brown furniture and pops of brighter colors, but perhaps yellow above the picture rail would be fun? I cheated it in Photoshop for these pics, and I think I'm liking it ...

Of course being the Craigslist hound that I am, I had to see what yellow things I could dig up there. Here's a taste of the yellow out there:

I'm digging this palette right now, so maybe I'll go for it, eventually. There are other things we need first though, like a microwave.

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angelascooper said...

Do it! I love bright colors. I've been thinking about an accent wall in our apartment since we moved in but haven't gotten around to it yet.