Did you know that the famous Sprinkles cupcakes joint has a mix available at Williams-Sonoma?! Actually, to be precise, they offer a variety of flavors: red velvet, chocolate, vanilla and lemon.

I had planned to make red velvet cupcakes for my friend's visit this past weekend (perhaps inspired by this DesignSponge post), so when my coworker turned me on to these mixes, I was SOLD. Booked it to WS that night and picked up a couple of flavors.

The word "mix" is deceiving these days. I sort of imagined I'd just be adding water, and wha-laa! But no. That was not the case. It is still quite an activity and took me several hours. However, the result was WELL worth it! They were amazing and tasted just like the real thing, if I may say so myself. And more importantly, we had a lovely evening.

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Lori Jane said...

the patio looks so nice! and the cupcakes...YUUUMMM