MORE craigslist love

I have to say, I have superb luck with craigslist ... now if only CL could bring me a boyfriend, then we'd be in business :)

Anyway, today I scored this mid century dresser for $100! I wandered through A LOT of vintage / used / consignment / thrift stores the other day and the cheapest dresser in the style I was looking for was $150. I was getting a little discouraged because there hadn't been anything good on craigslist either, mostly just a lot of the same stuff from Ikea. But last night I found this beauty and I managed to snatch it up this afternoon before anyone else could get their little hands on it. Yay! No more living out of a suitcase!


Amy Flanagan said...

That is gorgeous! I need a lot of stuff. Maybe I should go on CL. Would you buy chairs on there though? Like couch-type chairs?

Ashley said...

Yeah! I almost bought these for $100/each but then the guy decided not to sell :P http://picasaweb.google.com/adarob/Furniture#

It just takes awhile + patience to find the right thing ... I'm constantly on there scouring!

Mayhem on Monument said...

I am a HUGE CL fan... Though I haven't found any amazing deals like this!

Lori Jane said...

You have the BEST LUCK on CL !!
That dresser is ABFAB.