Ikea panels

Since posting the other pictures of our living room, I've since hung panels in the windows to slightly mask the fact that our view is a bit unfortunate. They are the Anno Inez by Ikea. I love Ikea curtains / panels because they are SO LONG (and much more affordable)! These windows must be 7+ feet and the panels extend to the floor.

Now what to do about that lamp shade? I am considering spray painting it white. Any ideas?

And in my bedroom, I treated myself to these Anno Unni panels, also Ikea. I'm not yet thrilled by the set up in this photo. I think I need to hang the curtains on the outer sides - where the panels are - and have the panels closer to the inner trim, and overlapping (with curtains). Not quite sure yet.

I love how the birch trees seem to grow from the hardwood floors :)

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