HOW TO: get a shiny floor, lose 5 pounds and become your landlord's favorite tenant!

I don't think I paid much attention to the kitchen floor when I initially looked at my new apartment. Just thought, oh black and white floors, that's kind of cute. After visiting a couple more times to show the apartment, I noticed that it looked dirty but thought it would be cleaned up before move in. Well, I was wrong and upon moving in, quickly decided it was something I would have to tackle ASAP. I just hated looking at it every time I entered the kitchen and it made the whole room feel dirty. Not my ideal cooking environment. (click pics for more detail)

The once (I imagine) shiny black and white floors had come to be a dull and dirty drag after years and years of wear without the proper care (or so I'm assuming). A simple mopping every now and then is great, but once the wax has been worn down, it's not going to help much.

Before stocking up on cleaning supplies, I first did a quick test with the scrubbing side of a sponge to see if getting through this build up would even be possible:

CHECK. The "tan" square was starting to look white again.

So I headed to the local hardware store, picked myself up some basic supplies: Lundmark Floor Wax, some latex gloves, Scotch-brite scrubbing pad, a sponge and some Magic Erasers I thought might help.

From there I was ready to put that good ol' elbow grease to work! I started off using the Magic Erasers and the result was looking good (dirty suds are always a good sign!) but I realized that they were not going to cut it. I needed something that wasn't going to wear out so quickly, had a little more "teeth" to it and was overall more efficient (the erasers were leaving streaks of dirt if I didn't apply even pressure).

So I abandoned that approach and used the Scotch-brite pad from there on out. Good move. The marks and grime on the floor definitely required more of a "buffing".
Half and half progress shot:

Post buffing:After scrubbing—and mopping over and over as I went along—the entire floor on my hands and knees, it was finally time to apply the wax. This is the best part because you finally get to see that the floor CAN be shiny and that all of the work was worth it! I actually applied about 3 coats of wax and think that I still might go over it a 4th time.

Drum roll please:

The overall effect is very satisfying. The whole room looks much more inviting and of course, CLEAN :)


Amy Flanagan said...

Holy moley! That looks great. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you go girl, I know that took a ton of work but how wonderful that the end result was so satisfying

angelascooper said...

WOW! Looks great! I really can't wait to see your apartment. 1 more week! xoxo

Lori Jane said...

so much work, but looks worth it!