design me a coat rack

I ended up purchasing 2 rolls of this window film, similar to what I had referenced in this post but from Rare Device, (awesome SF design-y shop owned by Rena Tom + Lisa Congdon). But unfortunately, because the windows are sooo tall, it would have taken 4 rolls of it to sufficiently mask just the bottom half of my bedroom windows. And I just can't justify spending over $100 on windows in a rental that already have perfectly good blinds.
So I went to return them, but since they only take exchanges (not a surprise for a shop like this), I HAD to find something else ... hmmmm it's hard to NOT find something else! I already had my eye on this "coat rack" (pictured above), so I'm waiting for them to get the gray in stock. It will be an almost even exchange for the window film. It comes with 16 Y-shaped "hooks" and you can install them in a variety of ways to create the shape / design that suits your needs.

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