coat rack : installed

I thought I would be installing this thing the day after bringing it home, but it turned out to be a little tricky. OK, A LOT tricky. But totally worth it!

The "project in a bag" comes with 16 "Y-shaped" hooks, pegs and tons of connectors in 4 different configurations so you can design your own rack.

It's kind of like Tinkertoy (which, by the way costs over $30 these days!!), but for adults.

And the "instructions" were just as fun to decipher.

Image found on LeoJames blog.

STEP 1: I started by laying out my desired shape on the floor. This actually took me a couple of days. I had an image in my mind of how I wanted it to look, but the first time I sat down to tackle it, I got really frustrated when I realized it was going to be harder to bring my ideas to life than I had previously expected ... what with all of the different connectors and such. Too many possibilities!

STEP 2: Next, I separated the design into groupings of 4-6 that were a little easier to carry to the "construction site" and to hold up to the wall to make markings for holes. I had to do this on my own which definitely made it more challenging. If you have someone around to help, I highly suggest you involve them in this step. Hold up the entire configuration to see where on the wall your design should start/end. Alternatively, I suppose you could measure the design while on the floor and mark on the wall ... I guess I'm just bad at planning when it comes to those things and am too anxious to see it in place :)

STEP 3: Screwing all of the pieces in place is the final step. Anchors are provided for anchoring this into the wall. I started by anchoring / screwing in a configuration of 3 on the left and then built on from there with more measuring.

The end result (I'll try to take better pics when there's daylight):
From the entrance:
It ended up being a bit uncentered, horizontally, and I didn't install it correctly according to what I had laid out on the floor ... it got screwed around somewhere along the lines... but I do like how it looks from the entrance ... as if it's winding around that corner.

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