Charley Harper and Rex Ray

Shows recently seen about town:

Charley Harper at Altman Siegel

Rex Ray at Gallery 16


Contemporary Needle Art

I went to see my doctor this morning and was so excited to walk into the lobby of the building and recognize the knitted artwork of Emily Barletta. Her work was all over the blogosphere this past year and it definitely caught my eye.

It is currently being shown as part of a group show;
Stitched, Looped, and Knitted: Contemporary Needle Art
Featuring Emily Barletta, Lauren DiCioccio, Laura Kamian, Aliza Lelah, Ruth Marshall, Lacy Jane Roberts, Lisa Solomon, Esther Traugot, Marina Vendrell.
September 21 - December 4
The Mills Building
220 Montgomery Street
San Francisco CA 94104

I snapped a few quick pics of Barletta's work and the pieces of a few of the other artists featured:

Emily Barletta

Lauren DiCioccio

Esther Traugot


The Art of the Film Title

At last year's SF International Animation Festival, I caught a showing of PLAY: The Art of the Animated Film Title by Design Films. It was a series of film title sequences from the 1950s to the present, designed by the likes of Saul Bass, Maurice Binder, Jakob Trollbäck & Co. and many more. I've been holding on to the program for almost a year now, with the intention of looking up the films again. So I've decided to list them here for you along with clips of the sequences found on YouTube or links to where you can watch them elsewhere online.

The Programme

The Man With The Golden Arm (1955) Saul Bass with Pacific Art and Title

The Seven Year Itch (1955) Saul Bass with Pacific Art and Title

Around the World in Eighty Days (1956) Saul Bass with Animation, Inc., and Shamus Culhane Productions

Damn Yankees (1958) Maurice Binder

The Pink Panther (1963) Friz Freleng; DePatie-Freleng

Charade (1963) Maurice Binder

Arabesque (1966) Maurice Binder

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970) Wayne Fitzgerald (CUT TO 1:50)

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965) Art Clokey

The Charge of the Light Brigade (1968) Richard Williams

Every Home Should Have One (1970) Richard Williams

Max Dugan Returns (1983) Wayne Fitzgerald and Bob Kurtz

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit
(1998) Robert Dawson and Aleksandra Korejwo

Monsoon Wedding (2001) Jakob Trollback with Jasmin Jodry and Laura Ljungkvist; Trollback and Company

Ça Se Soigne? (Is It Treatable?) (2008) Olivier Marquezy and Stephanie Lelong;

Monsters, Inc (2001) Susan Bradley

Catch Me If You Can (2002) Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas for Nexus Productions

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
(2004) Jamie Caliri, Todd Hemker and Benjamin Goldman

Juno (2007) Gareth Smith and Jenny Lee; Shadowplay Studios


Dwell on Design and Virgin America

It's been SO long since my last post, but I hope you've been following me on Twitter. I've been MIA on this blog in part because of all of the prep work for this past week... which was complete madness down in LA! The entire Dwell team trekked down to help make this year's Dwell on Design conference a success. If you missed the show, take a look at Dwell.com for coverage on SOME of the stuff that was happening. Unfortunately, I missed all of the panels, but the show floor looked great and I did manage to make it to some of the homes on the home tours, so I will be posting those photos on Flickr soon. Keep an eye out!

Now that I've caught you up on that business, let me share with you one of my favorite finds this weekend that had nothing to do with the show! We flew on Virgin America and I just fell completely in love with their animated and illustrated safety video. It's such a creative and humorous approach to an otherwise monotonous and repetitive topic, that I had to use the awesome new video capabilities on my iPhone to record a bit of it to share.

It was produced by Anomaly (NYC) with animation by Wild Brain (San Francisco).


Tweet, Tweet

Micro-blogging a la Twitter has completely taken over my life. OK, that might be a tad drastic, but I'm at least a little bit addicted. So, in honor of Twitter, I bring you Twitter-themed Etsy finds.


Happy Earth Day

Dear Earth,
I love you. Thanks for being you.


My birthday is coming

Acceptable birthday gifts include (but are not limited to):

1. An iPhone. I am probably the only design dork who still does not have one. Sad. Though you might want to just give me a gift certificate because I've heard through the Twitterverse that a new one will be out in June.

2. This puppy.

3. OR this one.

4. Visits from friends.

5. A sound machine - haven't been sleeping well with all of the street / house noise

6. A TRIP! Anywhere!

7. A road bike. Mine is cute and works well as a commuter bike, but I would love to go on longer weekend rides and it's just not going to cut it. I'm really intrigued by these bamboo bikes by Calfee Design, as bamboo is a really sustainable material. But they're certainly not cheap.


Design Find : Urban Spectacles

I discovered this fine spectacle-maker awhile ago but am just getting around to sharing his work with you, just in time for my upcoming birthday (hint, hint)!

Urban Spectacles are designed and hand made from a menagerie of materials, but primarily from assorted varieties of hardwoods, by Scott Urban, an artisan based in Chicago. Urban seeks to re-elevate the art of eyewear. As stated in a recent newsletter, "the optical industry is filled to the brim with garbage, row after endless row of trash" and Urban is setting out to change that.

He currently works one-on-one with clients to create a completely custom and original pair of specs—a process that entails taking detailed measurements of the head and face, sketching out designs, choosing the type of wood, and finally hand-carving the frame out of the block of wood.

Though that might soon change. After attending a recent convention in NYC, Urban was inspired to endeavor to create his own small scale line of boutique eyewear "based upon quality, good design, beautiful material and all around 'badassitry'". While he expects to return to creating custom frames at some point in the future, his immediate focus for the next few years will be on designing, creating and establishing this new brand.

So essentially, if you want to get your hands on a pair of his custom specs within the next 6-8 months, get in line now! You can contact Scott at scott@urbanspectacles.com


Twitter Gallery : Matte Stephens

This week's featured artist in my Twitter Gallery is Matte Stephens of Portland, OR (@matteart on Twitter).

I adore his work - from the cute, happy subject matter and bold abstracts to his consistent color palette. Be sure to check out the interview Grain Edit did with Matte that offers more samples of his work, peeks into his home, his process and where he finds his inspiration. To purchase *affordable* prints and originals of his work, visit his Etsy shop.

Images copyright Matte Stephens.


Apartment Therapy : Flickr Find : DIY Parasol Light

Wow I'm so famous today! ;) Another post on Apartment Therapy featuring the antique parasol I rigged up as a lamp shade in the hallway.

My favorite comment so far is the hater who said "oh my god, 70s.... ick". Really? I don't really see that when combined with the Victorian details, antique table in the entrance and modern coat rack, but to each his own! It's not as if the place is full of lava lamps and black lights!

Apartment Therapy : 4 DIY fabric ideas

Check it out! My use of fabric in my home is featured on Apartment Therapy LA. While the pics aren't suberb (I just sent whatever I had on hand—literally last night before the post went up today) and the kitchen featured is my old, dumpy kitchen in Boston, it's still fun! Thanks to BethZ at AT.


Food : Sunday Night Dinner

I had a couple of friends in town visiting yesterday so we walked about the city and took delight in some of the finer things in life : relaxing and eating!

I have many more pictures to share, but for now, this is a tease from the feast we cooked up last night. My roommate had made a trip to the Ferry Building where he picked up some specialty mushrooms from Far West Fungi so while he was preparing them for a crostini appetizer, we grilled up some shrimp that had been marinated in a ginger-soy-lime sauce. Also on the menu was halibut, ravioli, a t-bone steak rubbed with olive oil and thyme, green beans, carmelized onions and a nice, fresh, California-grown salad. MMM mm good.

I also picked up this Hey Mambo Sultry Red at Faletti's market (which is bankrupting me, by the way). Of course the label and super cool wind-off cork had something to do with my choice. What can I say, I'm a visual learner. If you ever pick one up, be sure to read the story on the back of the bottle.


Twitter : Gallery

I'm now using my Twitter background as a gallery space! Each week, I'll feature the work of a different artist - design, painting, illustration, photography, etc. - (with their permission). After the week is over, their name will be archived in a list that I'll update on the left hand side of the page.

It's just for fun and experimentation - see if anything comes of it. Free promotion of work that I enjoy and want to share!

This week's feature artist is Meg Hunt and her fabulous new pattern of cycles and birds. I also really dig her llamas. Follow her on Twitter @meghunt.