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I came across this print by Linzie Hunter today, shortly after hearing that a close coworker of mine is resigning, and it just seemed like such a "sign".

The print is from a type series called "Spam One-Liners". It can be purchased for only $24.99! from Thumbtack Press. Get yours today. And don't put off your happy life any longer.


Erica Weiner jewelry

I spent this past weekend (my bday - I'm officially a quarter of a century old!) in NYC. Normally, I would have posted pics on Flickr by now, but I guess I was having an idiot moment when I packed my bag. So there I was at the MOMA attempting to take a photo of something in the color spectrum exhibit when I realized my camera battery was just about dead and my memory card was somehow locked. Awesome.

Luckily I had a back up ... Holga. Not really the type of camera that suits shooting exhibits.

So anyway, I don't really have much to share which is really unfortunate, especially since I saw Tim Gunn buying flowers in Chelsea, tons of cool street art, beautiful flowers, yummy food and old friends.

What I CAN share is a new necklace I bought for myself at the Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene (which I decided is a place where I want to live at some point - not the flea market ...Fort Greene).

It is designed/handmade by Erica Weiner. The charm is a 14-karat-coated vintage solid lead letter/piece of movable type (I got an "A"). It used to be used on an old Vandercook Press to print books, etc. Yes, I realize this officially means I'm a total design/dork. As if attending TypeCon didn't.

She also makes a ton of other really gorgeous stuff made from cool found items. The ginkgo leaf earrings are another favorite since I've always loved the shape of those leaves.

-- images from ericaweiner.com --

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