I think I should rename this blog ...

Something to do with EBay addict ?

I was just looking back at posts and it seems like 3 out of 5 have to do with EBay!!

Someone made a comment to me at work the other day (when my orange canisters were delivered) that I should become an EBay consultant .... not the sort that sells stuff for you, but that finds & buys stuff.

That would be fun!! I think I would actually be really good at it. I can find anything. It's like searching for a stock photo. You try every word or combination of words that has to do with the subject until you get what you're looking for.

I'm also really good on Craigslist. Recently, I found this GORGEOUS couch (unfortunately I don't have the picture) - two pieces that when placed together formed a couch approx 8-10ft long. The style was Victorian, but you could make them work in any setting - eclectic, modern, country. They were so plush - a goldenrod yellow. And together just $299. I would have LOVED to have been able to place those in a deserving household. Unfortunately, I don't have any more room at my house because it's already full of second-hand furniture!

Some other recent finds—some of which clearly need to be reupholstered (which I can also do) ... but they are great pieces! Picture the cute pink love seat in a lush velvet or modern print!

So, who wants to hire me?


Affordable art :: 20x200

How does one fill that big empty space above the couch? And on a budget? And what if you don't know much about art (but do know enough that you want something other than "The Kiss" or a Monet poster) and have no time for browsing through the millions of images on Etsy?

Well, lucky you, there are a few websites out there now that will do the picking and choosing for you! Each week, they choose 1 or 2 pieces of art created by "current" artists, print them at limited quantities, and offer them at an affordable price. It's a no-brainer.

20x200 is one of these such sites. Their spiel is they choose 2 works of art, 1 photograph and 1 work on paper and offer each in 3 different size and price options. They print a quantity of 200 at the small size which are sold for $20 a pop (hence the name 20x200 !!), a quantity of 20 medium-sized prints for $200 and 2 large prints for $2000 each.
My choice to get started? The Kate Bingaman-Burt drawing of sunglasses she has purchased. I first became familiar with her through her drawings of her credit card statements – yes, you read correctly, credit card statements. In 2004 she began to document her consumption (and her debt) by drawing out each of her 6 monthly credit card statements! She vowed to continue drawing them until they were all paid off. According to her flickr site, in July '07 she was down to three. Maybe we should all start doing this?
For more info on this designer, artist, teacher and progressive thinker, visit her site Obsessive Consumption.

Back to the art at 20x200 (sorry, I have a hard time not getting sidetracked by other great stuff!). Other choice pieces include "Manshroom" (though the small size is sold out) by local Boston artist Amy Ross. I visited her studio during open studios in the South End and got a nice glimpse of her working – cutting out all of the little mushrooms and other natural oddities that she uses in her work.

There are a lot of other great pieces on there so go check it out!


Vladimir Trechikoff prints

For some time, I had been eyeing these Chinese lady prints. It was something about the saturated colors of the costumes, the color palettes, the textured background and the mysterious and innocent gazes that caught my eye. They're exotic. I've always been intrigued by Asian culture—art, dress, etc.—since my Grandmother spent a lot of time in Japan and her house was filled with beautiful things she had brought back.

But I had forgotten all about them and my desire to possess one until the other day when I saw this photo posted in Decor8's Flickr stream of Liza Giles' bedroom which was featured in Elle Decor UK! Isn't it gorgeous! I'm sure my use of them would not have been quite as successful but I can't wait for the day I have my own place and can take a couple of inspiration pieces and execute an entire space based around them. Wow.

So clearly, I immediately had to search for the artist's name to refresh my memory. And my search was not in vain. His name is Vladimir Tretchikoff (1913-2006). Born in Russia, he spent time in South Africa and China, among other places. And apparently, the Chinese girl (at right in first image) is the best-selling art print in the world! Not a da Vinci, not a Picasso or a Van Gogh. A Tretchikoff! Imagine that!
However, Tretchikoff's body of work is not just composed of Chinese women. He has painted everything from flowers, animals and Cape Town locals to Zulu men & women and more religious-inspired work. Though despite the popularity of his work, he has been dismissed by art critics as a "King of Kitsch". Boo to the art critics, I think it's lovely.