show me to my bed.

This bed stole 4 hours of my life. Probably more like 10 if you count all the time I spent at Ikea.
Hopefully it gives me thousands of peaceful hours back. And it looks pretty nice, right? Well don't let those beautifully woven bed slats fool you, I had to do that all myself. Thank you Ikea for always testing our patience in reading bad infographics. I will report back on the comfort after the back pain from moving stuff—or more likely, from building Ikea stuff—subsides.

I decided to get a latex mattress after reading tons of disconcerting stuff about polyurethane foam mattresses (off-gassing for one thing). But there are so many funky smells in my apartment right now (it was just painted) that I can't tell if this mattress smells. I guess they all have to be sprayed with fire retardant which is not good for you. I would love to be able to afford an organic mattress but unfortunately they are pretty pricey.

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Lori Jane said...

Just saw this article about organic mattresses and it made me think 'bout this post.