my xmas wish list

I absolutely cannot wait to move into my new apartment (next week!), but there are a lot of things I'm going to need and I love home decor so pretty much everything on my wish list is home-related. These are the visions dancing in my head right now.

Marimekko Tuuli shower curtain in gray from FinnStyle for my new bathroom.

Ikea Malm bed in oak veneer and Ikea Anno Unni panel curtains for my bedroom. I can't open the shades in my room—ever—because I'm at street level. But I think I could hang these a few feet from the top of the tall windows, to allow light in and still have privacy. BUT I'm not sure how see-through they are since I haven't seen them in person.

Or window film by Emma Jeffs or Tord Boonjte to give the appearance of a frosted window. Never have to use blinds or shades again! I guess I could go with a cheaper plain option from Home Depot, but these are so pretty!

A great article with more links to designer window film.

New bed linens including new comforter that doesn't shed feathers!


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