mattress disease

When I was "researching" mattresses, I read all about how mattresses are sprayed with fire retardant which is filled with toxic chemicals; think rat poison. And clearly, the "off-gassing" of these chemicals can make people sick. Well I don't think it's all made up because I suddenly have an itchy throat and eyes ... and it almost feels like the back of my throat is enlarged, making it harder to swallow and talk. Yesterday I also woke up feeling nauseous but I attributed that to something else that comes once a month. I felt this way yesterday morning but by the afternoon, after walking around outside and such, it had subsided. Now I feel awful again. It could also be due to all of the paint fumes. This place is just a giant headache! I guess I just have to hope that it goes away in a few days.

Before purchasing my mattress, I asked the woman at Ikea about the "off-gassing" and she said that Ikea follows the strictest guidelines set by CA and Germany in the production of their mattresses. And she said something about how the fire retardant is "organic". I'm not sure I believe her now!

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get zapped said...

makes one wonder...doesn't it! Now I'm all itchy :P