22 beds in 2008

I got to thinking the other day about how many different beds I've slept in this year ... I know that sounds weird, but I was thinking about moving again and how my new bed will be my third one this year. But then I thought, what about all of those other beds I slept in this year during my travels and the nights at friend's houses? It's bizarre to think about. There was the week or so I spent in Connecticut at my mom's house, the hotel in Barbados, the house in La Quinta, CA, the home in Scottsdale, AZ, the 2 different homes in Los Cabos, Mexico. Then there was the home in Hawaii and the few nights there camping in my tent. There was a couple of nights at a hotel in NYC. Then there was a night or two at Lori + Justin's house, a night spent on the couch at Stacy + Catie's, a night at Kim's, a night at Carolina + Erik's, a couple nights on the couch at Ang + Paul's place. Then the road trip up the coast from LA to San Francisco - 3 separate hotels. I also spent a few nights here in San Francisco at Jackson's place before moving into my sublet where I'm currently staying. I'm probably forgetting something in there somewhere. That adds up to 21 different beds when you add in my last apartment in Jamaica Plain. 22 if you count the new place I haven't moved into yet.

I was actually thinking that it was too bad I didn't take a picture of each of those beds for a 2008 bed series! So I decided to start taking a picture of my bed every day right after I get out of it. Maybe it will be stupid or maybe it will end up being an interesting look at something you don't generally pay much attention to. Who knows? Most likely I'll forget to take a picture one day and the whole thing will be ruined!

While we're chatting about beds, I was shopping for some Christmas decorations for my desk at work and decided to purchase some white lights. They were buy one get one free but they only had one package of white, so I thought I could find a fun use for some pink lights. I would not normally ever decorate like this (the pink wire looks atrocious when not lit up during the day) but since I'm only here for another week and it's xmas, I thought it would be cute! It reminds me of the Madonna Inn. I'd love to sleep in one of their beds :)

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