Verterra Dinnerware

I just found out about this product called VerTerra. This is similar to a couple of products I talked about in this post over on No Trash Challenge. Everything is "sustainable this, sustainable that" lately so it's no wonder that products like this are popping up everywhere. While I think it's pretty cool that people are developing materials made from unconventional sources, there's a fine line between the sustainable aspect and it still being all about consumption. "Buy this to be sustainable and environmentally friendly". I think it's smarter to buy things (preferably used) that are durable and will last a long time rather than buy something new just because it's biodegradable or produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Despite that, this product is neat. It's made from fallen palm leaves from plantations where the leaves would otherwise be burnt. Though I suppose if we want to get specific here, the palm leaves are sourced and formed into plates in South Asia ... so once you factor in the fuel / transportation it takes to get them here, I'm wondering if that all negates the environmental friendliness altogether? And it's also not really that fresh an idea. They've been making plates from plants in places like India for a long time.

Anyway, the deets on this product from their brochure/website:
VerTerra is all natural—chemical/bleach free—made with only two "ingredients", the palm leaves and water. They are non-toxic, 100% compostable and naturally biodegrade in 2 months. They're microwave, oven (to a certain temp) and refrigerator-safe.

At $12 for a package of 10 plates, will you be trying them out at your next party?

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