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Well it's a rainy, chilly day here in San Fran. A little gloomy but it's OK because I got 4 tickets to the sold out She + Him show tonight at Bimbo's 365! I don't even have 3 friends here to invite!

Anyway, I love the area where I'm working. I'm at the intersection of Chinatown, Little Italy + the Financial District in an area known as the Jackson Square Historic District. It dates back to the California Gold Rush — in fact, the alley where our offices are located is called Gold St. Walking tours full of hipbelt-wearing tourists regularly congregate outside of our windows. The Transamerica Pyramid looms overhead.

And it's a great place to go out to lunch! Sure beats the Prudential food court. Today I had Udon for lunch. Last week we had Viatnemese, Chinese, Mexican and Indian. I'm getting extremely spoiled.

That hot pink and white thing on top is a thin slice of kamaboko: a halfmoon-shaped fish cake. It tasted as weird as it looks and I think it gave me a tummy ache.

My cube is beginning to look a little more fun. Today I ordered this letterpress print by artist Dan Funderburgh. It's printed on recycled paper and ALL of the proceeds go to the Obama campaign. Since I don't think I'll be able to vote in this election (believe me, I'm pissed: I've requested my absentee ballot twice and still nothing), the least I can do is make a contribution to the campaign.

I also added this lively, bright screen print (meant to be wrapping paper) by The Magnificent Chatwin Brothers which I found at the store Eden + Eden that I mentioned previously.


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Love the letterpress. So pretty! Paint sale this weekend. I'm going to try to select my orange! Wish you were here!