The SF adventure begins.

My things have shipped off and as of this morning, they were in Chicago, getting ready for the trip out to Oakland. I have to say, that if you ever need to make a significant move like this, I highly recommend U-Pack / ABF. They have been fantastic. Everyone from the U-Pack customer service to the ABF truck drivers to the terminal operators. They've all been friendly and helpful without even the slightest edge of impatience.

And so I have also shipped off and landed smoothly in the Upper Haight. I'm staying with a friend for the first few nights in town but should be able to get into my sublet this Sunday.

I spent my first—beautiful, though almost TOO HOT—day in San Fran just casually walking about, hopping from one place to the next with no real agenda in mind. I started off with coffee and breakfast on colorful Haight St., which really doesn't "wake up" until 11 or so, and then found myself walking amongst the towering trees of the Panhandle—a park built atop shifting sand dunes.

At the end of the Panhandle, I encountered the California DMV. So I figured it was a good time to transfer my license and become an official resident of California! Of course sitting at the DMV is always a lot of fun.

I failed the written exam the first time. I think they got me on some San Fran-specific questions that had to do with parking on hills and driving down curvy streets. But I passed the second time around and am now official!

After that, I NEEDED to eat. So I took my first MUNI ride (well, first as an SF resident) and headed down to check out the Ferry Building at the Embarcadero. And wow. YUM. I think I just died and went to Gourmet heaven! It reminded me of Quincy Market in Boston, but a much more selective version.

After checking out all of the options, I finally decided to go with a little Mexican from Mijita. Fish taco and chips w/guac.

A long day out and about. More adventure to come!


Amy Flanagan said...

Your photos are beautiful as always. Can't wait to hear more of your adventure.

caroline kraunelis said...

It's great to get to see so much of your adventure with your great photos and details. thanks for keeping us posted... so far I'm pretty jealous.