San Fran : 2nd most sustainable city

While Boston was named #6 on SustainLane's ranking of the most sustainable cities in the U.S., San Francisco was named #2 (behind Portland, OR)! Yayy. I knew I'd like living there :)

I'm proud (of my new city) to say that they were the first in the nation to ban plastic bags at major grocery stores. They also plowed city hall's green to create a vegetable garden and called for a policy promoting urban gardens and fruit-bearing trees on street medians (though I'm not sure how that would mix with car exhaust).

SF was also named
#1 in Waste Management
#1 in City Innovation
#1 in Energy & Climate Change
#2 in Planning & Land Use
#4 in Water Quality
#4 in Green Economy
#4 in City Commuting
#5 in Air Quality

Unfortunately, it's ranked at #47 for Natural Disaster Risk, due to its position on the San Andreas Fault and risk for tsunamis.

Annnnd #50 in Housing Affordability !!

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