Drowning in corrugated cardboard

Today, my 28' trailer is being delivered for me to start packing it up with all of my things. I can't believe this is really happening! After a little bit of research and getting some quotes, I decided to go with ABF U-Pack. I was really close to choosing Pack & Ride because they had exceptional customer service—one of the owners called me personally and talked me through everything, then when I told him I was choosing U-Pack he called again and offered me a lower price. Unfortunately, they just don't have enough out there about them in terms of customer reviews (positive or negative) and for a move like this, that's what I needed to see.

I had contemplated getting a pod type of container delivered, also offered by these companies, but it is more expensive and you are limited to that space. With the trailer, if I end up needing more than the 6' of space I had quoted, I can take it for approx $150 per additional foot. Not bad. I can also use less space and deduct accordingly. Seemed like a win-win deal. And they also will leave the trailer at your house for several days (like the pod), so you can slowly pack it up rather than have to do it all in a few hours.

And it *supposedly* should only take 5-10 days to get to Cali.

So, I'll let you know more (hopefully positive) news once this giant gets delivered and then sent on it's way next Tuesday.

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