dim sum & mos def

My favorite part of San Francisco thus far: Chinatown. I went to get my hair cut Friday at my new salon, Elevation, which is less than a block from the Chinatown Gate, so I figured I'd stroll through and get a bite to eat. Of course I had to check out everything before committing. There are a million options from the all-you-can-eat dim sum buffet complete with an announcement being blasted from the front door (no thanks) to fancy sit down restaurants. I went with a casual dim sum shop.
After that I browsed some of the Chinatown tourist shops just because they're so much fun! I didn't buy anything ~ my photos will suffice. But expect gifts from Chinatown this year!

As always at this time of year in any city, there are too many things to do on the weekends. It's a great problem to have but sometimes it's a bummer to have to pick and choose when you'd like to go to everything! Yesterday I had the option of going to the Red Bull SoapBox Race or a free concert in Golden Gate Park. Anticipating a huge crowd at the race and the probability that we probably wouldn't even be able to see much, Jackson and I ended up going to the concert. After all, how often can you see Mos Def for free?

One thing I've noticed in the past few days about San Fran ... the style! It's great. Everyone looks so good. I normally feel a little weird about taking pictures of people on the street, but I caught a couple things yesterday at the show.

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