The current state of things

Are messy. Funny how our lives sometimes mimic what's going on on a much larger scale.

The world is a messy place right now. As I was hanging a YARD SALE sign up today, which lists "shoes" as one of my "for sale" items, an old man with an overgrown beard and awkwardly fitted clothing came up to me and inquired about them. I said to him, "I'm sorry sir, but they are women's shoes." And he was disappointed. He looked down at his feet and said, "I'm practically barefoot here". He went on to tell me about how "back in the day" he could go to the department store and get a pair of shoes, but now they are a hundred bucks or so and that on an income of $600, he can barely make ends meet already. He said he was doing better when he was on the street—which he was for 6 years, until 2007.

It made my heart break a little. I told him that the thrift store was right down the street, but he says he goes in there every day and they don't have any. I would have taken him to the shoe store and bought him a pair myself if I weren't already in a tough place with money—with moving and all.

Here I am, moving from my cheap, comfy house and decent-paying job to the most expensive city in the country—for which I had to pull money from my savings. Is this the smartest move I could be making right now? Stay tuned!

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