Etsy talent : Yokoo

I can't focus on my work. I should be brainstorming for a new client pitch but my head is elsewhere (San Fran!). So what better way to occupy my time than to browse on Etsy?!

Even though it's like 70degrees here today (enough already!), my mind is on Fall fashion. Today I pulled out my fall boots. I'm in denial. I want fall weather already! And then I found the knitted work of Yokoo and decided I NEED a chunky knitted chain. :: STAT ::

Yokoo's knitted work is really nice. Oversized cowls for you to hide in on those freezing, windy winter days when you can barely manage to crawl out from under the toasty comforts of your quilt.

But I think I like her style/styling and photography even more. It's brilliant artist-geek chic. Some of the proportions feel very avant-garde.

And what do you know? After clicking around a bit, I discovered that she actually does a lot of photography work as well.

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