Etsy talent : Ash Hilton

Too many things to blog about! But that's a good thing ~ means a lot of talented people. Of course it also means a lot of beautiful things I want to buy! At least everything I'm showing you here is hand made, by independent artists—as opposed to mass produced in China.

So anyway, back to that talent. I found myself browsing around on Etsy again (I went back to purchase that chain scarf from Yokoo) and came across the work of Ash Hilton.

What caught my eye was this ring—which, it turns out, is actually 3 separate rings, stacked. LOVE! Adorable, simple little fruit shapes in a brushed metal look. Very cute.

What I also like about Ash Hilton and his work is there is a lot of care taken to be very environmentally and socially responsible. He tries to be as efficient and low-impact as possible which means not only recycling scraps of old jewelry but also taking the time and effort to research the origin of his metals and sourcing from the most responsible and local sources.

Visit his Etsy profile or personal site for more info about a "closed loop" or "ethical metal" that he fabricates himself.

And if you don't know anything about "conflict diamonds" or other issues with mining, the movie Blood Diamond (with Leonardo DiCaprio + Jennifer Connolly and also nominated for 5 Oscars) is an entertaining way to start skooling yourself! But don't let the education stop there.

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