Design dork alert!

Yes, me. I have some more dorky design things to share from my trip to the Brimfield Antique Show. First up are three mini antique interlocking alphabet blocks that spell out "ASK"—my monogram and what has become my "alias". If you like these, visit one of my favorite online shops, Three Potato Four where you might be able to snatch up something similar. Their inventory is always different and constantly changing, so if you like something, be impulsive and grab it!

surf blocks from Three Potato Four

Next are some numbers—617 : my area code—I purchased from a grumpy old man. He didn't want to make deals. Isn't that what you're supposed to do at antique markets? I think he went down $2! Anyway, I spent FOREVER deciding what numbers to pick out. Did I want to choose several different typefaces in a variety of sizes or go for something more united? Then I spotted these numbers in a font that's very close to Herb Lubalin's Avant Garde (difference being that this looks like a bold face but the bold "7" does not come together in a sharp point). But anyway, that was that, I was sold.

And what better way to display my antique numbers than an antique type drawer? Both my mother and my grandmother used to have one of these to display their little chotchkies and I've had them on my own radar for awhile. So I bought this from the grumpy old man as well. He told me that the back piece and the shape of the nail heads on the back tells its age. This one has a slab back—a thick piece of wood and square nail heads. It is the oldest type - I believe he said something like 1800's though I could be mistaken. But after that they used thinner pieces of wood (which is often very warped if you find them these days) and then something that looks like corkboard (yuck). Obviously this has been refinished. He told me, "I learned long ago that women like pretty things." He was right! I saw a few at other booths but they were all in really poor condition. So I went back to him.


kr said...

these letters in the drawer on the wall look sweet~! ...And you are not a design dork~! unless that means I am, too? ;)

:: A S K :: said...

yes. I think we all are. if you've been to a design conference or a paper show, that classifies you as a design dork! It's a good thing!