Boston talent : Amy Casher

This past weekend I made my way down the the North End Ähts Festival. As usual there was a good showing of some local artists. I always enjoy browsing through this type of event to see what people are doing and to inspire myself to start making things again, but I usually don't purchase. Not that I don't want to give my support—I do—but either nothing really catches my eye much or the price tag is too high for my budget (usually the latter). I'm a starving artist too!

But one of the first booths I encountered was that of Amy Casher. Her designs combine an urban rough & tough chic aesthetic with inspiration from the natural world. I fell in love with one of her rings—one much more on the "tough chic" side of things than some of her other work.

But that's what appealed to me about this particular ring—it was different. It wraps around the finger in a comfortable way but then it just whips out across the hand in an aggressive manner. But somehow it's soft at the same time. It's something about the organic curves and folds balanced by the metal and the sharpness of the edges. Anyway, I love it. And I've had a lot of comments on it. But mostly from my male coworkers telling me that it looks like I'm wielding a weapon (guys, I'm not a video game character). But at least I've sparked some curiosity. It's definitely a conversation piece. Especially since I've realized that I've been wearing it on my "engagement finger". It looks best there, what can I say?

Here are some more designs by Amy.


Amy said...

thanks for the awesome post. that ring was made for your finger!! i love your "tough chic" description -- i never would have come up with that one myself, but subconsciously i think it's exactly what i was going for. glad you love it... amy

:: A S K :: said...

You're most welcome!

Karen said...

Ashlina - I saw her at another 'show' whatever you would call it, and loved the same ring - so glad you got it! Hope all is lovely in SF...
of course it is.