Boston : South End Open Studios

Well, I'm sorry to say that I don't have any amazing art finds to report on from this past weekend. I missed the South End Open Studios due to a "test project" (San Fran related !) and a freelance gig that required me to spend the entire weekend hunched over a computer. Aside from burning out my eyes, I also drank too much coffee, ate too much café food, got too few hours of zzzzzz's and did too much nail biting (anxious). BUT if I had made it to the South End, I would have made it a point to check in on these peeps.

Susan Jane Belton documenting coffee consumption

Susan Mara Bregman Photography

Galvanized Headwear by Marie Galvin : I love her fanciful feathered, netted and felted creations. Her fall/winter collection features these scrunched felt headbands and hair pieces in beautiful shades for autumn. In fact, I splurged on one last weekend at the North End Arts Festival and can't wait to wear it. But I always love stopping by her booth even just to try things on for the fun of it. It's like a visit to a more contemporary version of a vintage photo booth!

Amy Ross Collage : I've featured her work here before, but haven't been to her studio in awhile. Sorry to have missed it again!

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