The Bald Frog

If you blog, you have the option of having a "profile". That's what you see if you go over to my photo and click where it says "view complete profile". Anyway, one of the options to fill out in this "profile" section is a "random question". Blogger has all of these random, bizarre questions stored up and you can provide a quirky response if you feel so inspired.

Tonight I felt like responding to the one that popped up:
The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig.

So I wrote my whole story. I go to save it and it says it can only be 400 words or less! So since I'd have to edit it down to something boring, I decided to just post it here!

Little Johnny had a collection of pet frogs. He usually kept them all in the bathtub, but on special occasions, he would bring his favorite frog out to watch nature shows on PBS with him. The little frog had spent his whole life admiring Johnny's lush head of hair. He thought, "when I grow up, I'll have hair like that". But he did grow up and he didn't have hair like that. He was bald! And worst of all, all of the other frogs told him he'd always be bald. He went into a deep depression and considered croaking his last croak. Then one day, Johnny brought home another creature who he called his "Princess". Soon, anywhere Johnny went, the Princess was there with him. And they all spent more and more time together watching nature shows. But one day, while Johnny was in the bathroom, the Princess said to the little frog, "I will kiss you and make you my Prince Charming but first, you must have hair!" So out she went to find Rumpelstiltskin and have him spin a golden wig from straw for the little frog. And so it came to be that our dear little frog wore a wig. Johnny thought this was all a bit strange. He asked the Princess, "why are you spending so much time and money on my frog?" And the Princess responded, "oh please Johnny, are you seriously threatened by that warty little thing?". And then the Princess kissed the frog. And the "warty little thing" turned into a beautiful Prince Charming, with a luscious head of golden locks. But as it happened, the Princess fainted from shock. When she awoke, neither Johnny nor her Prince Charming were anywhere to be found. They had both decided that she was too superficial for them and that they were both better off without her.

The End.

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