Jewelry on display

I'm always looking for ways to organize/display my jewelry so that I won't have have to dig through piles on my dresser in order to find matching earrings. Because, I'll be honest, it generally ain't a pretty sight. I'm a pretty organized, neat individual, except when it comes to my room. And my dresser seems to be the dumping ground for all of the little things that don't have good homes (ok, so the glass has a good home in the kitchen) :

Victoria just recently posted about this over on sfgirlbybay but I wanted to share some of my ideas here.

For awhile, I had a large box on my dresser where I laid out my earrings and necklaces. The box remained open. The only problem with that was that things didn't stay nicely laid out for very long. They soon became a big, tangled, dusty mess. And the nicest thing about the box was the top of it, which didn't show when it was always open.

I still keep jewelry in the box, but it remains closed, in a different spot in my room. And now the only problem is that I forget to wear that jewelry!

I've also always used little bowls and boxes to hold rings, bracelets, small earrings, etc. Similar to an idea suggested in Blueprint magazine.

But since seeing this image of an old medicine cabinet repurposed as a jewelry / scarf display—an idea from a Martha Stewart Living magazine—I've been wanting to create my own version. Unfortunately, I haven't yet stumbled across such a nice cabinet.
I did however find a hanging glass frame with a door and a pin cushion-like backing (meant to be used to tack a few photos to) which I snatched up at Marshalls and quickly put to use as a jewelry cabinet.

And I was just browsing the shelves at a favorite store when I spotted a cake stand. It was awfully cute and affordable at only $14.99, but I couldn't think of a good use for it. Then I thought, jewelry display! Yes! But I decided to forgo the new version and search for something with a little vintage charm on Ebay or at an antique market. You can find really beautiful stands in a variety of materials—glass (depression, vaseline, milk, etc.), porcelain, aluminum, and more—and styles to suit your taste. And if you stack a couple of these (try different materials), you can create a really unique little place to stash your jewels.

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