Wow it's really difficult to keep up one blog, nevermind two. It's a full time job!

Anyway, Mexico was amazing. The little bit of it that I saw was really inspiring and I am already dying to go back and explore more of the country. I got to put some of my Spanish to use and that's always fun.

Over on No Trash Challenge, I just posted about the glass factory I visited there. I'm not going to re-post everything I said, but it's just as relevant here. My favorite part was the facade and the way they embedded vases into the walls. And of course the mosaic floor. I love mosaic. Maybe it's because I have a hard time being that random in my own design work ... and the one time as an adult that I attempted it, made me realize how difficult it really is. And the stained glass windows were stunning.

What's also cool is that anywhere you go around town, you'll find yourself drinking from glasses made at this factory. They do a lot of custom work for hotels, restaurants, retail shops and even individual buyers.

What else? I saw a lot of really interesting, hand drawn typography. Unfortunately, I didn't have any time to walk around so the couple of photos I snagged were possible because I yelled "wait! stop!" and had a brief second to snap a shot from the car.

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