Fort Point Boston

Whew. Such a busy day today! It's nice to finally sit down and ... type. Anyway, it was a perfect day to get out and about, so I hopped on my bike and headed out on the town. I spent half of my afternoon wandering about the Fort Point District visiting various artist's studios during this year's Fort Point Art Walk. It was nice to see what people are creating, but my favorite part was actually getting to peek into their live/work spaces. They sure are brave souls, opening up their living quarters to a bunch of strangers. Some people leave their spaces wide open while others choose to restrict the gallery space by blocking off the rest of their apartment with temporary walls.

I snuck a couple photos of my favorite spaces. One belonged to jewelry and metal sculptor Kristen Alexandra. She has a collection of empty gold frames hung randomly (and somewhat haphazardly) on the wall above her dining table. The shapes and grouping actually recalls those found in much of her jewelry. Interesting.

One of my favorite artist discoveries was Michael Hammecker. He paints cultural scenes on found materials such as paint chips. However unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the work and his website is down.

The area is slowly developing with just a couple of stores right now. Front is bravely leading the way in filling the retail spaces. The store is called Front, but it is owned by the British couple who also own Bob's Your Uncle and right now they share the same website. They have a fun collection of modern design goods for the home, office or just play. Obviously, they carry the Bob's Your Uncle goods which I learned are printed by a printer in Maine that runs on wind power. I especially liked the colorful assortment of ThomasPaul melamine plates and the felt birds. I purchased three of the birds to create a mobile for my bedroom and it's simply charming!

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