Vladimir Trechikoff prints

For some time, I had been eyeing these Chinese lady prints. It was something about the saturated colors of the costumes, the color palettes, the textured background and the mysterious and innocent gazes that caught my eye. They're exotic. I've always been intrigued by Asian culture—art, dress, etc.—since my Grandmother spent a lot of time in Japan and her house was filled with beautiful things she had brought back.

But I had forgotten all about them and my desire to possess one until the other day when I saw this photo posted in Decor8's Flickr stream of Liza Giles' bedroom which was featured in Elle Decor UK! Isn't it gorgeous! I'm sure my use of them would not have been quite as successful but I can't wait for the day I have my own place and can take a couple of inspiration pieces and execute an entire space based around them. Wow.

So clearly, I immediately had to search for the artist's name to refresh my memory. And my search was not in vain. His name is Vladimir Tretchikoff (1913-2006). Born in Russia, he spent time in South Africa and China, among other places. And apparently, the Chinese girl (at right in first image) is the best-selling art print in the world! Not a da Vinci, not a Picasso or a Van Gogh. A Tretchikoff! Imagine that!
However, Tretchikoff's body of work is not just composed of Chinese women. He has painted everything from flowers, animals and Cape Town locals to Zulu men & women and more religious-inspired work. Though despite the popularity of his work, he has been dismissed by art critics as a "King of Kitsch". Boo to the art critics, I think it's lovely.

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