jazz and trash picking

I feel a little under the weather, but it was a great weekend, so it's all good. Saturday I spent some time checking out the performances at the Jazz Festival on Columbus Ave ... the best part, by far was the Bloco AfroBrazil drumming group. They had everyone laughing and dancing to the beats. I want to join!

Saturday night I made mojitos—both the normal variety and raspberry—while Stacy whipped out a bunch of delicious apps—coconut shrimp, corn cakes, jerked chicken kebabs and more. Wish I had a photo of the amazing spread.

And possibly the best part of the whole weekend ... the couch I grabbed from the neighbors as they were moving out, for FREE! It's fabulous. Chocolate brown tweed, mid-century Danish. Just what I've been looking for. Now if only a vintage Saarinen table like the one I saw at Catie's grandmother's would just fall into my hands, I'd be all set! (I just need a new color on the walls and to get rid of those pillows...)



Do you use any Firefox add-ons? (do you use Firefox at all?)
I recently *freaked* out because I thought that all of my bookmarks had been deleted from my work computer. I ended up finding them backed up somewhere ... but in the meantime, I discovered Foxmarks. It not only saves your butt if you lose your bookmarks, it allows you to synchronize. If you have two (or more) computers that you use and would like to synchronize your bookmarks between them, you just download the program and follow a couple simple steps and wha-laa! It also allows you to access your bookmarks from any computer (on Firefox only) via my.foxmarks.com. How cool is that?!

For me, that is huge! I have so many bookmarks, it's actually becoming an organization issue. I need to work on that.

I <3 Holga

Recently, I made a couple of new camera purchases :)
One of them is a Holga. What is a holga? It's a little plastic box of fun!
Ok maybe that doesn't sound right ...

But seriously, it's called a toy camera. And it is made of plastic. It is cheap. And the best part, is that it shoots medium format 120 film. It's also cool because of the "problems" ... which cause light leaks, vignetting and other distortions that give the prints a really "artsy" look that is at once both surprising and appealing.

I got into it because I was interested in trying out medium format photography after seeing photos taken with lomographic cameras on Flickr. I also stumbled across a great Holga gallery (which of course I can't find in my bookmarks), but after seeing the cool effects this camera creates, I was hooked.

Anyway, if I've sparked your interest ... here are a few links to get you started:
Lomographic Society International
Holgas Online which also has a lot more links
Holgas Microsite on Lomography.com

And shown here are a couple of my recent Holga shots. Visit my Flickr site to see bigger and better and for more!


Tofu Squirrel hottness

how did I not know about this girl sooner?
I just saw the poster for Eclectic Collective's show at the Paradise last night ... (which I sadly missed because I was busy shaking my booty at Mango's Latin Dance Night at the Milky Way ) ... it was designed by this chick Elizabeth Siegel who goes by the alias Tofu Squirrel and she is amazing!! It's girls/work like this that make me wish I had gone to art school. I know, I know, it's not too late.

Also catch her feature in Juxtapoz.

Happy 1st day of Fall!

And it's so nice out ~ going to Catie's grandmother's for the day for some poolside lounging with friends :) I'm excited to get further into my new book, Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns. The Kite Runner was amazing, and so far this one hasn't let me down.


happy last day of summer

First Act tshirts

This is sorta old news, but since I just revived this blog, there are a lot of things I want to post about! A few months ago I did some tshirt designs as a freelance project for guitar/amp manufacturer First Act. Well, the first one has been printed—one of my favorites—and is being sold in the retail store on Boylston Street! So exciting. The design is of flying amp monsters, of course inspired by the Jefferson Airplane Thirty Seconds Over Winterland album cover featuring flying toasters.

The Designer's Mixtape

I've been listening to these musical selections from designers all over the world for awhile now (thanks to my creative director who forwarded the link), so I figured I'd pass it along.



Just in case you missed it, buried at the bottom of last night's post, I am opening an Etsy store !! So exciting!

Thank you to everyone for all of the positive feedback on my photography.

There isn't much posted right now, but I will try to get more posted by the end of the month.

OH! P.S. these are my new wine glasses (seen in first photo) from IKEA! (I know, smart girl putting it on the computer ... that's what white wine will make you do)
And actually, if you think about it, it's not a very good design for a white wine glass because holding it your palm (which is the only way with no stem) will warm the wine in no time. But they're so perty.

Moo cards

I just got mail! Yayy ... and it's my Moo Cards that I've been waiting ever so impatiently for.

I found the link on Flickr and chose a bunch of photos, cropped 'em, paid about $20 and got this little box in the mail a week later with my photos on them. And on the back, it has my contact info, so mini business cards, basically. They're so cute and have been a huge hit ... and I'm going to have to order more soon if everyone keeps insisting on taking 3 each!

Amy Sol

Another artist introduced to me recently via Hi Fructose magazine, is Amy Sol . Check her out.

Ria Brodell and Yuko Adachi

This past weekend, I spent some time browsing through the open studios in the South End. I saw some great work, but my favorite discovery was the art of Ria Brodell . It is so fantastical and the characters so detailed and well thought out. It just makes you smile ... particularly, the eternally grinning whale (who always appears with his friend the small submarine).

Another favorite, whose work I had been meaning to go see for awhile, is the art of Yuko Adachi . How can you resist the beautiful, punchy colors and organic forms and layering of shapes? It is obvious that her love and passion for life and the world around her are expressed through her art. When I visited her gallery she was talking about how each piece is a flow of energy ... she just lets it come out on the paper, moving her hand as the energy flows through her and as such, they sometimes take a long time! I can imagine! Anyway, if you get a chance, you just must stop in to see her work. Also, visit her site.

Now I just need to save money so I can buy some of their work.


Fresh look

Every now and again I think I'm going to start up my blog again. Today is one of those days. Maybe it will stick, maybe not. Either way, the pattern I'm forming and the random posts are quite interesting.

When I first signed up for this thing, it was more like an online diary where I wrote about personal things ... it wasn't public (and I have since deleted the posts—sorry). I have never kept a regular "diary" or journal (probably because when I tried to back in high school, my mom read it and I consequently got in trouble), and even the online version didn't last very long. When I rediscovered it's existence a couple of years later when setting up my ASK DZIGN blog ... I had a good laugh.

So anyway ... if you look back in the archived files of this blog, you will find entries, somewhat similar to this entry, pledging to blog regularly.

Perhaps inspired by Jodi's new blog (which is lovely, by the way) I am attempting, once again, to resurrect mine from the land of dead blogs (potential for a great visual). History repeats itself and such is the case here. Every time I try to bring this blog back, it is accompanied by a new design. Who wudda thought? This time is no different. Cleaner, fresher, more modern and it matches my site.

It seems that everyone is branding themselves these days ... small/homegrown businesses are the thing—Etsy provides an easy set up for independent artists, Ebay is feeding the pockets of entrepreneurs around the globe and Bloggers are making names for themselves across industries. And accompanying all of these set-ups are—many times—self-made logos, websites, business cards, etc.

My point in bringing this up is that I am going to jump on the bandwagon and attempt to capitalize on it all ...

In addition to my site and this blog, I am beginning to set up an Etsy store to sell my photography and hopefully, within time, other printed matter and handmade bags.

So please visit!