Capri Vintage Canisters :: Australia

Ooo la la! Awhile ago, Victoria of the blog SFgirlbybay featured an interview and photo tour of the home of Nannette Louchart-Fletcher located in Sydney, Australia. A gorgeous, colorful home with a lot of cute little "finds", but what jumped out to me the most was her set of vintage kitchen canisters. I just loved the 3-D type treatment on them and the fun colors! I had nearly forgotten all about them when I was browsing eBay and recalled wanting to look for a set of my own. Well with a little digging around, I managed to find a set in orange and white. Aren't they cute! I still prefer Nannette's set in 5 different colors with white type, but this will suffice. Plus, I love orange! Yayy.

For anyone else who is interested, apparently they were made by a company called Capri out of Australia. There is a second set listed on eBay in all white, though the photo is not of great quality and I can't tell if the type is 3-D or not.

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I just found the coloured set here in Northern Qld, Aust. But I'm missing the biggest canister for flour which is unfortunate.
I think they're gorgeous too!
They cost me $10AUD for 4.