Piet Hein Eek furniture

2 years ago, I visited The Frozen Fountain during my trip to Amsterdam. The store is full of gorgeous items from a range of contemporary Dutch artists/designers. I loved everything there, but there were a few items that really stood out and one of them was this table.

It is made from scraps of wood that have been carefully pieced together and layered to form a beautiful patchwork tabletop. I love the fact that this really substantial and quality piece of furniture was created from a pile of scrap. Yayy recycling!

Anyway, when I was at the store, I drew the table in my sketchbook but forgot to write down the name of the designer. I didn't forget about it though. I came across a photo of the table (1st photo) in Japanese Vogue and have been holding on to it since ... but I still didn't have the name of the designer (I can't read Japanese).

So when I read that sfgirlbybay blogger Victoria was going to Amsterdam, I was hoping she would also visit the store, that they might still carry this designer's work, that she would be just as impressed by it as I was and that she would then blog about it! And lo and behold, that's precisely what she did! And so I am pleased to finally have this designer's name.

It is Piet Hein Eek and they have a large collection of furniture (as well as lighting and ceramics) made from a variety of materials >> scrap wood to plywood to aluminum. They even have a steel version of the table!

So this is what blogging networks are all about!

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