new table ~

ok ... i think i have an unhealthy addiction ... to furniture.
Tonight I'm going out to pick up my imitation Saarinen Tulip Table (Ikea)—found on craigslist. Yes, I could just as easily go to Ikea or order it from the site, but this way I don't have to pay for a Zipcar or shipping. AND it's cheaper than the listed $150 since it was bought last year (but still brand new as it was only used in a real estate ad!).

This table will go in my entranceway which is just one big, awkward space. It is open to both the living and dining rooms and our three bedrooms also link to the space. So this table will sit in the center of the space and have a pretty vase on it and some fresh flowers ... as often as possible.
Ikea version on the left and the real deal on the right. The base of the real thing is all one piece. But because of the nature of Ikea products ... their version comes in a couple of pieces which creates a "seam" in the material. The relationship between the thin and thick of the base is also not as nice, nor is the edge of the table top. So, it's not as elegant as the original Saarinen ... but it will have to do!

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