my favorite *healthy* sandwich

I first had this sandwich in Amsterdam at a café by the Centraal Station. I don't have the name of the café but it had a big mosaic wall, the bathrooms were completely (I mean ceiling to floor) done in a gorgeous mosaic and the bar had delicate, Art Deco scrollwork.

So the sandwich ... the main ingredient is smoked salmon (well-being) and if you make a smart choice in choosing your preferred variety of smoked salmon, even better! Other ingredients: cucumber (health and complexion) and a creamy spread (in accordance with the serving guidelines)>> can be something as simple as cream cheese, or I found a light dill cucumber Alouette spread that's really tasty - but finding a variation that suits you and your dietary needs is best ~ could even be goat cheese << on a good 100% whole wheat bread (health) such as that from (for Boston locals) Nashoba Brook Bakery

"it's a good thing"

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Lori Jane said...

Nashoba is closing the cafe doors Dec. 23 for good with no plans to relocate. No where am I supposed to get my caffiene fix?