tabletop decorating

I've been thinking about how I'd like to decorate the table for my dinner party in December ... The theme is "Fall Fresh" >> Fresh Foods, Faces & Flirtinis (but only because that's the only drink that starts with an "F"). I want it to be a semi-formal party—I say "semi" because I don't want to scare my friends away by pulling a "Brie" from Desperate Housewives (not that I even could pull that off if I wanted to) and because I don't have the proper table settings for a real formal event. Mainly, I just want to put what I have of my grandmother's china to use, so semi-formal it is!
Anyway, I've found some really interesting (and most importantly, reasonably priced) things on Jamali Garden such as these moss covered rocks and balls.
And on Save On Crafts the beautiful bright green artificial allium balls (spikey ones), pinecones and twine garland. You could also hit up Target for the twine balls and some other "fillers". Their Jasmine Decorative Balls would be ideal, priced at $15.69 for over 15 pieces, except for the fact that they are potpourri. You don't want smelly things at the dinner table!

I also want to put to use things I already have, as well as DIY some stuff ... so I'm trying to figure how it will all work together. Right now, I'm picturing a candlelit, mossy, natural landscape sprawling the length of the table. But in order to keep it from looking like I dumped a pile of pond slime on the table, I think I will mix in some crisp clean white ceramic pieces and silver.

However, my grandmother's china is white and it has a gold rim. I don't particularly like gold and I don't have gold silverware or table accessories. So, in order for it all to make sense, I'm going to mix the two shiny shades throughout—in the decor by gathering up some dried leaves and spray painting them both gold and silver and by mixing in some silver pieces such as my engraved "S" candlesticks (which are crying for a polish).

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