on the radiowe heard november rainthat solo's really longbut it's a pretty songwe listened to it twice'cause the DJ was asleep
Regina Spektor On the Radio

Recently, I've heard more than usual about vintage radios. In chatting with one of my coworkers today, I discovered that the CEO of the company I work for has a room full of them at his house (photo is not of his actual collection). And Holly at Decor8 just blogged about one she purchased which is, of course, ├╝ber cute. She has not yet revealed the maker, which I took as a challenge: I had to find one on eBay. And lo and behold, my search was a success. While I love hers in all white, I have to admit that I think that the Coca-Cola tag gives it even greater pop appeal and I can just picture it on a shelf full of a mix of vintage toys, found treasures and more modern toys such as a few KidRobot (Dunny, Munny, Labbit) and Uglydoll vinyl figures!

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