little Susie Homemaker

That's basically what I played this weekend and it was so much fun! Even though it was a gorgeous weekend outside, I had a great time reupholstering, sewing and hanging art with the windows wide open and the music blasting. And I also had a perfect view from the dining room/work room windows of the cute guy landscaping next door! ;)

So after I finished the chairs, I used the leftover fabric to sew some curtains for the open pantry shelves. That area had been bothering me for awhile, with all of our food stuff in plain view. It just looked so messy. It was a really simple project ... I just created two panels and used the leftover hardware from the curtains I hung in my room to extend them across the shelving. The only "problem" is that the pattern doesn't match up from one panel to the next. The amount of fabric I had left *just* fit the space ... I didn't have enough to make them match perfectly. Oh well! They still look nice.

The artwork: a couple of prints I made in high school that just happened to fit in some extra Ikea Ribba frames I had lying around. The woman and the man are gazing at one another :)

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