home makeover

The "new" couch and furniture was part of it, but there's a bigger picture. I want to repaint most of my apartment to brighten things up and add some new accessories—new living room rug, new pillows, new curtains—you get the idea.

I've collected inspiration from a variety of places ... many of the images were found on sfgirlbybay and decor8.

From there, I created a moodboard. I started by using a shot of my existing living room and other pieces of furniture and art that I own. Then, in Photoshop, I manipulated my living room to reflect a new paint color for the wall, the coffee table refinished in white and a new rug and curtains. I proceeded to add in new elements to complement what I was establishing for a color palette—fabrics, entranceway rug, etc. I also added in a few things that I've been coveting for awhile: IKEA Docksta table and art by Matte Stephens. Actually, what I really want is an original Saarinen table (as I've mentioned in a few posts already), but they are too expensive for my budget.

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