fabric headache

I finally moved my dining set—lighted hutch, sideboard, dining table & chairs (inherited from my grandmother)—from CT to my apartment here. It all looks marvelous, but the seats of the chairs definitely need reupholstering (photo shown is of the same chairs found on eBay—fabric on mine is in worse condition). I've been looking at some fabrics, but there are too many to choose from! I don't know if I'll ever make a decision.

I am sure of two things: I want something bright and fun with a bold pattern and it has to be cheap (unfortunately that means no Marimekko). Help me make a decision! They are all so beautiful. Currently, the main colors in my house are turquoise blue, orange and brown. I think the fabric should have hints of at least one of those colors. Right now I think my favorites are the turquoise/pink choice in the upper left hand corner of the first photo and the orange wood grain print in the second set of images. But I keep changing my mind. The choice also has to look nice with the color of the wood. I'm thinking that a fabric with some blue in it might be best because the wood is already so orange-y (warm).

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Lori Jane said...

oooh, so fun!! I like the top left swatch in both squares.